Announcing the new NextBigWhat

Big ideas. Delivered daily. In your fav app - your email inbox.

Announcing the new NextBigWhat

Since the very beginning, NextBigWhat (NBW) has been focused on creating a better ecosystem, building a better learning experience for the ecosystem - be it via the web, conferences or our deeper product management and growth courses.

And today, we are announcing a major upgrade to NextBigWhat !

Beyond News

Learning ++++

Say Hello to Version 4

As the OG of the Indian startup and tech space, we stopped covering news a long time back (startup products/news was our version 1, version 2 and 3 were a mix of community, courses and confusion as we tried productizing learnings and tried various formats ranging from apps to newsletters).

We strongly believe that more news is just info overload and while news a good thing to know, we are better off serving you big ideas from everything around us.

V4 of NBW

Version 4 brings the very best of NextBigWhat to you :

Curation, Community and Clarity.

What's the problem statement we are solving?
Well, the world of content is growing exponentially every day (podcasts, videos, books, long-forms et al), but our brain has limited capacity.

We need a solution to handle this overload and yet continue to learn. Rather, a curiosity copilot that delivers maximum learning on a variety of topics - in the least amount of time!

And this is what NextBigWhat aims to do: Transform the content chaos to clarity.

Across a range of topics (right from AI to mental health to economy to Fintech to even politics), NextBigWhat brings you big ideas hidden in books, videos, podcasts - in bite-sized format ensuring you continue to learn.

Our goal is to be radically useful to you - and be your best knowledge investment.

We aren't just saving you time, but also delivering a learning-on-go experience ensuring max RoI to you! more app to download? NOOOOOOO 🤬🤬

Worry not! We are in the app that you use everyday and the one you can't live without - i.e. email !

Expect 1 big idea (from books, podcasts, report PDFs, videos) delivered to you every day (bite-sized format).

In your inbox.

Not at all personalized - given our range of topics, you will love serendipity and a daily learning experience.

Our entire goal is to expand your mind - it's a WILDLY interesting world out there!!

How do I get started?

If you are in India, start your subscription using the Razorpay button below (you can use UPI/cards).

Introductory subscription pricing

For the ones outside India, the default subscription option (integrated with Stripe) works!

We look forward to having you as part of our new journey!


What’s New?

  • Curation: We’ve distilled the best ideas from books, podcasts, and videos into bite-sized content.
  • Community: Join us on this learning journey across diverse topics.
  • Clarity: Cut through content chaos and gain maximum insights

Why V4?

  • The world of content is exploding, but our brains have limits. We need clarity.
  • Expect 1 big idea delivered to your inbox daily—no app downloads needed

Or if you just want to experience (run a free trial) 👇🏼👇🏼