Ververica Cloud’s Latest Innovations Set New Standards in Real-Time Data Processing

Ververica Cloud’s Latest Innovations Set New Standards in Real-Time Data Processing

Today at Flink Forward 2023, Ververica, a leading player in the data analytics and stream processing industry, unveiled significant updates to Ververica Cloud. These enhancements underscore Ververica’s commitment to advancing real-time analytics and stream processing solutions for companies worldwide.

In today’s fast-paced and data-driven business landscape, enterprises demand more than just analytics tools—they require real-time solutions that can keep up with the speed of data. Ververica Cloud’s latest features are engineered to meet these demands head-on. With ultra-high performance powered by VERA Technology, businesses can process data at unprecedented speeds, gaining insights in milliseconds, not minutes.

Cost-efficiency is redefined as enterprises can choose to pay only for the resources they use or reserve computing power tailored for production-ready mission-critical applications, eliminating the financial burden of maintaining on-premise hardware. Seamless resource scaling ensures that businesses can adapt to fluctuating workloads effortlessly. These advancements to Ververica’s cloud technology represent a transformative leap forward for enterprises striving to remain competitive in the era of real-time data analytics.

Ververica Cloud: Key New Features

Ultra-High Performance with VERA Technology: Ververica Cloud leverages VERA (Ververica Runtime Assembly), a breakthrough technology that achieves data processing speeds up to 2x faster than open-source Apache Flink®.

Seamless Resource Scaling: The platform facilitates effortless resource scaling, ensuring that organizations no longer need to contend with the challenges of over-provisioning.

Develop and Deploy with Ease: Simplify the development of stream processing applications with Ververica’s managed cloud environment using standard SQL, JAVA, or Python. Deploy applications in no time, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Utilize a single-pane-of-glass UI to deploy and manage the lifecycle of your streaming or Flink ML applications.

“Ververica Cloud signifies a groundbreaking advance in the realm of real-time stream processing and analytics. We’re proud to set new standards for performance and cost-efficiency, all while enabling flexible development options for streaming applications. Our commitment to innovation and our profound understanding of enterprise challenges have culminated in a platform that not only excels in operational efficiency but also redefines the possibilities for businesses across sectors. We’re enthusiastic about the transformative potential this holds,” said Alexander Walden, CEO of Ververica.

Ververica Cloud was showcased during the recent Flink Forward event in Seattle, Washington, held from November 6-8, 2023, where attendees had the opportunity to witness its capabilities firsthand. The event marked a significant milestone in Ververica’s journey in redefining real-time analytics.

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