A plan is not a strategy

A plan is not a strategy
A plan is not a strategy

If you plan, that’s a way to guarantee losing. If you do strategy, it gives you the best possible chance of winning. – Roger Martin

A comprehensive discussion on the differences between strategy and planning in an organization, and the pitfalls of strategic planning.

This video also highlights the importance of stepping out of comfort zones in strategy development and the success of a clear and simple strategy.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding strategy and planning
  2. Stepping out of comfort zones
  3. Power of a clear strategy
  4. Avoiding the planning trap
  5. The continuous journey of strategy

Understanding strategy and planning

Strategy and planning are often conflated, but they are not the same.

Strategy involves making integrative choices to position an organization for success, while planning focuses on activities without a coherent theory for success.

Stepping out of comfort zones

Strategy requires accepting uncertainty and stepping out of comfort zones.

It involves aiming for competitive outcomes that depend on customer choices, unlike planning which revolves around controlled resource spending.