How to scale into enterprise effectively in 2024?

How to scale into enterprise effectively in 2024?
How to scale into enterprise effectively in 2024?

‘The blend [between sales and marketing] couldn’t be more relevant today because of the buyer. When on an inbound lead to your business, the seller now gets 9% of that buyer’s time to evaluate whether they’re going to go with you or not.’ – Sean Murray

Sean Murray, CRO at Greenhouse, shares valuable insights on scaling into the enterprise market. He discusses the challenges startups face when moving upmarket and the importance of integrating sales and marketing roles.

Moreover, he emphasizes how technology is reshaping traditional discovery methods in sales and the role of data in proving value to customers.

Table of Contents

  1. Transitioning to Enterprise
  2. Sales-Marketing Integration
  3. Revenue Accountability for Marketers
  4. Adapting to Market Shifts
  5. Educational Approach in Sales
  6. Human Engagement in Sales
  7. Reframing Problems in Sales
  8. Challenges in Renewals
  9. Importance of Data Proof
  10. Altering Team Structures for Data Requirements
  11. Combining Roles Within Customer Success and Account Management
  12. Technology Role in Sales-CS Handoffs

Transitioning to Enterprise

Moving into the enterprise sector presents startups with significant challenges including establishing credibility, demonstrating financial stability, and ensuring their products meet large businesses’ unique needs.

Building trust and recognition in this market can be a complex task.

‘Our marketing organization is very heavily involved with our existing customers. We hold them as accountable to the revenue as I am. So for example, if you were to ask my marketers at the last two or three companies where I’ve engaged and helped build, they would know the revenue numbers as tight as I know.’ – Sean Murray

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Sales-Marketing Integration

The blend of sales and marketing roles is becoming increasingly important due to shifts in buyer behavior.

Sales leaders need to focus on clear messaging that addresses specific problems and strong branding that attracts potential customers to generate more inbound demand.